About Us

YahWay 365 is a collection of everyday Christian streetwear for the culture.

God (YHWH) pronounced "Yahweh", has revealed Himself in the sixty (66) books of the bible. What honors and pleases God is when His creation knows Him and is useful to Him 365 days of the year. His way is the best way!

The Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) says, "to go into the world and make disciples of all men..." Sometimes it's hard to know what to say first and how to say it when starting a conversation in sharing the gospel. YahWay 365 gear was created to be an ice breaker and conversation starter when engaging with others about the faith.  I have learned a simple question, "what does your shirt say?", can turn into a 2 to 3 hour conversation about the greatness of the God of Scripture.

Living in a world filled with people dealing with various trials, pain, mental illness, hopelessness, we pray that our designs bring hope, confidence, and peace to inquiring hearts.

We pray that you support and join the Yahway 365 movement and be inspired tell others about your faith with confidence.

"Someone is always watching, so let's take advantage of every opportunity to be a walking advertisement for God".

All Glory Belongs To Him!

Phillip H. (Founder/CEO)